Virtual Pre-Paid Card Accounts Payable

Eliminate your cost of manual check processing

The Virtual Pre-Paid Payment Accounts Payable solution from Rittenhouse Payment Solution is an electronic accounts payable solution that helps you manage your business. With our Virtual Pre-Paid Payment program, Rittenhouse Payment Solution generates an account number for every payable. This provides you an alternative to check disbursements.

Rittenhouse Payment's Virtual Pre-Paid Payment is safe and secure solution. It is ideal for all size companies looking to create efficiencies, savings, and revenue growth.

Here is How it Works?

  • The process begins by submitting a payables file to Rittenhouse Payment Solution.
  • The Virtual Pre-Paid Card account numbers are generated specifically for each vendor payment and sent to suppliers via an e-mail.
  • The payment can be processed by the supplier as any other card account number, and the supplier receives settlement within 24-48 hours.
  • Rittenhouse Payment Solution will then transmit an electronic reconciliation file.

Summary of Benefits

  • Eliminates check and general Account Payable process
  • Accepted at millions of merchants worldwide
  • Automates your accounts payable process
  • Increases float
  • Easy online reporting
  • Revenue sharing opportunities

Why Rittenhouse Payment Solution Pre-Paid Solutions?

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