Corporate Travel & Expense Cards

Rittenhouse Payment Solution prepaid cards for corporate spending creates the ability for you to limit and regulate spending to a fixed amount, manage costs associated with various events or projects and control employee travel expenses.

With the Rittenhouse Payment Solution card, you can prepay funds onto the card prior to the travel, event or project. If the preloaded funds are not utilized, you have the ability to retract the funds and place the monies back in to the company prepaid funding account.


  • Provide funding for business travel, events, projects or consultative arrangements
  • Eliminate employee out of pocket monies or personal credit card usage and the risk of employee credit approval
  • Customize spending
  • Restrict areas that the funds may be used
  • Regulate card usage by merchant type

Added Value

  • Set spending controls and guidelines
  • Reduce invoices and check payments
  • Disburse funds to one or more cards
  • Detailed reporting
  • Custom Web portal
  • Co-Branding options

Per Diem Cards

The Rittenhouse Payment Solution Pre-Paid Per Diem Card can make reimbursement and travel easy. No more reimbursements checks! Simply put the funds on the card and receive an itemized list from the web anytime you need it to prove payment. No over limit issues, tax issues or receipts needed.

Why Rittenhouse Payment Solution Pre-Paid Solutions?

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