Gift Cards

Providing the perfect gift has never been made easier. For holidays, birthdays, graduations, or any other celebration, most people prefer a prepaid gift card instead of the typical gift card or mall card of equal value.

Rittenhouse Payment Solution can provide your business or financial institution with Co-Branded gift cards for your resale, internal usage or general purpose reloadable needs.

Rittenhouse Payment Solution can provide the point of sale activation solution along with the back end reporting and support to get your program up and running quickly.

Why Rittenhouse Payment Solution's Prepaid Gift Card?


Depending on your needs, many cards can be co-branded with your companies logos, messages, and the recipient's name.

Point Of Sale (POS) activation

This makes the card easy to load and use. This is perfect for any retailer or bank wishing to resell cards.


Rittenhouse Payment Solution can report on any program you want to drive.

Program Management

Rittenhouse Payment Solution will manage all aspects of your program so you can focus on your core compentancy. We will provide the platform, card management, reporting and support.

Revenue Sharing

Rittenhouse Payment Solution wants you to be incentivised to drive transactions. We will work with you to find a revenue sharing opportunity to meet everyone's needs.

Immediate Value

No more guessing as to what someone wants and what retailer.


Use anywhere, where Credit or Debit Card is accepted. With worldwide acceptance at millions of locations, the gift recipient is never limited to one store.

Why Rittenhouse Payment Solution Pre-Paid Solutions?

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