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Rittenhouse Payment Solution is a leading end to end provider of prepaid debit cards, payroll cards and reloadable prepaid debit card services. We were established on the principals of helping our clients define the prepaid space with their customers. We realize that prepaid debit is an evolving solution that has endless possibilities. We simply want to execute on those possibilities in the most efficient and value driven ways.

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Prepaid Solutions:

Rittenhouse Payment Solution offers an alternative to paper checks that is both economical and easy to implement. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of electronic payment in a secure, card-based solution.

  • Payroll
  • University
  • Incentive
  • Coupon/Discounts
  • Expense Management
  • Tax
  • Account Payable
  • Government Services
  • Proprietary Fuel
  • Contactless / Wearables
  • Event Ticketing
  • Remittance
  • Wealth Building

Solution Partners:

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RIMMSYS Rittenhouse Cards
Meritus Arroweye
MTL EFT Source
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Our Products

  • Payroll Card

    Payroll Cards

    Eliminating paper checks can drastically decrease a company's payroll costs and eliminate the time and money employees spend cashing their checks. Payroll cards have the highest transaction average per card and the longest lifespan of prepaid debit cards.

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  • Corporate Travel and Expense Card

    Travel and Expense Cards

    Prepaid corporate spending cards allow you to limit project spending to a fixed budget, control the costs associated with event planning and manage employee travel expenditures. You can simply preload funds to the card before the project begins or an employee leaves for a business trip. The card can also provide an ideal way to reimburse employee expenses.

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  • Incentive Card

    Incentive Cards

    Prepaid cards are one of the most effective corporate incentive tools on the market. They are the best way to increase customer retention and brand awareness. Many companies are using incentive cards to motivate personnel, reward performance and serves as a form of reward for loyal customers.

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  • Account Payable Card

    Account Payable Cards

    An alternative to traditional check disbursements, our virtual accounts payable system turns your AP department into a revenue generator. By Automaing the payment process we generate a unique account number for each vendor's payable while you earning rebates for your usage.

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  • Gift Card

    Gift Cards

    Offer the convenient and secure alternative to cash or checks with our prepaid cards to provide easy, convenient, and secure ways to purchase the perfect gift everytime.

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  • Contactless


    Allows you to leave your wallet in the car when attending an event or making daily purchases. Integration with acceptance networks and banks allows Rittenhouse Payment Solutions to offer solutions previously not available in this industry.

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