Payroll Cards

Rittenhouse Payment Solution offers custom, cost-effective payroll card solution for distributing employee funds. Rittenhouse Payment Solution payroll cards are also a perfct fit for temporary employees, seasonal workers, contractors, remote employees or termination payment.

The Payroll Card provides advantages over paper checks for you and your employees. Using a payroll card creates immediate benefits for the employee with access to funds versus check cashing. As the employer you reap the benefits from a simple and cost effective payroll process.


  • Custom Program set-up and reporting to fit your organizational structure
  • Card funding just like direct deposit
  • Reduced expense of lost checks and check fraud
  • Instant card issuance
  • Instant card replacement
  • Distribution of expense reimbursement
  • Termination pay
  • Comprehensive program management support
  • Co-Branding of cards
  • Multi-Purse programs that can allow several types of funding on one card
  • Can tie directly to on-boarding system
  • Incorporate Paystubs and W2
  • Extensive reporting

Benefits for Your Employees

  • Elimination check cashing fees
  • Immediate 24 x 7 access to funds
  • Card acceptance worldwide
  • ATM Usage
  • Real-time transactional history available via phone ,web, sms, texting or email
  • Gift Cards
  • Money Transfer options
  • Money Reload Network
  • Multiple Companion Cards

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