Why Rittenhouse Payment Solution Pre-Paid Solutions?

We Deliver Value from End to End


Rittenhouse Payment's goal is to provide a unique application to our clients needs. Whether it is a payroll card for an employer that requires special services or a co-branding opportunity that requires a proprietary integration. We offer an approach to bring your offering personalization that will reflect your exact needs.

Cardholder Value

We offer an unparallel level of customer support and transparency. We pride ourselves on making the cardholder the focus and making sure they feel that their payroll or other prepaid product is safe and secure.

Reload Network

Rittenhouse Payment partners with retailers to utilize either their POS technology or Web system to reload cards. We also offer loading services where customers are able to use their debit cards to load value onto their prepaid accounts via GreenDot or Western Union.

Customer Service

Rittenhouse Payment provides an end to end set of services to customers for account and balance information, person-to-person payments, query resolution and bill payment. Our Customer service is on-shore via live agents, an automated phone system, and on-line.

Program Management and Support

Rittenhouse Payment provides many prepaid products along with program management. Rittenhouse Payment Solution will work collaboratively with our clients to build co-branded programs, custom products or specialized customer support. We provide the processing platform, issuing bank, card management / fulfillment, on-line services, customer service, compliance / risk and marketing.

Resale and Distribution Services

Rittenhouse Payment provides distributors and partners ongoing service and support for their needs. Support includes answering billing questions, responding to requests for supplies, resolving failed payment transactions, educating distributors on compliance and assisting them with pricing changes and purchases of additional products and services.

MIS and Reporting

Rittenhouse Payment values reporting and provides detailed, regular reporting to its partners. This includes data for payroll, sales and transaction volume, program performance, profitability, and commission statements. We offer several access points to this data through a variety of channels including hard copy and online through a secure website.

Compliance and Risk Management

Rittenhouse Payment undertakes all aspects of regulatory compliance, on behalf of our employers, partners and distributors through our issuing banks. Rittenhouse Payment and our issuing banks have dedicated staff that manages fraud, charge-backs and portfolio risk management.

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